Balloon decoration ideas

Balloon decoration ideas

We all know that an event held into success, in addition to the content of the event itself & creativity, the event is located in the venue layout is also very important, and balloons as a more common way to decorate the atmosphere of the scene, has been loved by everyone, at the same time because of the characteristics of the balloon material, balloons can also be changed into different shapes and states, so that the venue layout more flexible way.

Not only that, we also see through the balloon also extended balloon carnival, hot air balloon art festival and other types of activities, it can be said that the balloon has become an essential atmosphere of the event site decorative props.

But look at so many activities, found that the creative use of balloons in the event site has not been fully played, in addition to the simple venue layout, we can also associate with what creative play?

Today we have compiled a list of 5 kinds of balloons in the event site atmosphere layout play, the balloon will bring the value of the event experience for the perfect embodiment.

Arched doorway

The door head made of balloons can bring a sense of joy to the guests and create a cheerful scene atmosphere. The production cost is not high, and it is suitable for opening celebration, birthday party, wedding and other festive type of events. It is also one of the most commonly used ways nowadays.

The art balloons combine the characteristics of other practical arts and are innovatively integrated into the interactive, experiential, cartoon, comic, exaggerated, and decorative elements of the event site, creating a joyful, optimistic and childlike tone atmosphere.

Costume Performance

For a certain performance program on the design of balloon costumes, such as balloon bubble show, and performers wearing elaborate balloon costumes to carry out interactive parade, in order to achieve the purpose of attracting the guests’ eyes.

Ceiling decoration

In a superhero party abroad, we can see “Wonder Woman” brought into a transparent plane space composed entirely of balloons, creating a dynamic and immersive experience.

Stage decoration

The main stage can be decorated with balloon embellishments to create a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere, which makes the guests on the floor feel happy while experiencing the event. In addition, balloon shapes can also be designed to set off the main stage according to the theme of the event.

Launching Ceremony

There are currently 2 different forms of innovative ways to play balloons as event launch props. One is to put a large number of helium balloons into the gift box (prop), and after the guests start the skateboard, the helium balloons will rise, symbolizing ideal, happiness, freedom, flight, romance and step up.

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